The 4 Best Dog Parks in Chicago’s South Loop

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When you have a dog you know how important it is to give your furry friend some fresh air and a chance to run free. When you live in downtown Chicago, you might not think there are many options, but you’d be surprised. There are actually several options, and here are the best dog parks in Chicago’s South Loop.

Grant Park is nicknamed Chicago’s front yard, and that works for your furry friends, too. On the south end of the park is nearly half an acre of room to run free. Grant Bark Park is fully-fenced and double-gated and offers drinking water and a bag dispenser. If you have a petite dog, keep in mind that there’s no separate area for small breeds at this park.

One of the newest parks in the Chicago Park District system is Coliseum Park. This tiny pocket park is just 0.67 acres in size. If you don’t have much time but you want to make sure your pet gets outside of the apartment and into some fresh air for a little bit, this park has a small fenced-in area with both a bag dispenser and water. It’s been a public green space since 2000, but in its past it housed a Civil War Museum in the mid- to late-1800s followed by time as a sports and events hall.

When your pup just need a quick jog, d’Angelo Park is tucked into the financial district between the Congress Street Freeway and the Thermal Chicago building. It’s not even a tenth of an acre, but there is a separate area for small dogs.

One of the biggest dog parks in the city is the Fred Anderson Dog Park. A full acre, there’s room for separate areas for small and large breeds. They can all play together in the common area, too. This park also features artificial turf, water play fountains and runnel and shade structures. It’s a fun playground that lets dogs off the leash so they can play with their furry friends, and while they’re scampering you can rest at the picnic tables and on the benches.

These four dog parks are great spots to give your pet some room to run, both small and large. We’ve got even more Fido-friendly tips, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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