The Best Beer-Infused Recipes for Super Bowl Sunday

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There’s one thing for certain no matter if you’re rooting for the Panthers or the Broncos this weekend: indulgence. Super Bowl Sunday may as well be America’s official cheat day for diets with more than enough appetizers and, if you partake, plenty of booze. So in the spirit of indulgence, we say go big and throw a Hail Mary.

Here are our top six Super Bowl recipes that mesh food and beer all in one:

Beer Cheese Dip


photos & recipe by Family Fresh Meals

No decent Super Bowl party exists without chips and dip. This simple recipe is easy to make with only four ingredients. Best of all, you can use any of your favorite beers and you probably already have it on hand.


Green Beans with Bacon and Beer Glaze



photo & recipe by: The Beeroness

What’s the second best thing in the world after beer? Bacon. But since combining alcohol and pig fat is likely to take a toll on your health, you should add a vegetable to balance it out.


Grilled Bratwurst with Beer, Mustard and Sauerkraut 



photo & recipe by: Serious Eats

Break out the grill for this one. You’ll simmer the sausages in a pan of lager before charring them to perfection, leaving you with fat juicy brats.


Beer and Cheddar Soup




photo & recipe by: Food and Wine

Let’s face it. Chicago winters are bone-chillingly brutal. Fortunately, we all know the secret to forgetting about the cold is hot soup and a slight buzz. And with beer and cheddar soup, you’ll kill two birds with one rich, cheesy stone.


Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with Baileys Cream Cheese Icing


photo & recipe by: Love Swah

If your team wins, you eat it do celebrate. If your team loses, you eat it to cope. Nothing caps off the night better than a decadent chocolate cake infused with Irish blood a.k.a. Guinness and Baileys.

Don't foget! Alta K Station is throwing a Super Bowl party at 5:30pm in the Theater, and no one will be opposed if you made one of these to share…

Do you have a favorite beer-infused recipe? Comment below or hit us up on Twitter @altakstation and let us know!

Written by Lee Pham

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