How to Host an Apartment-Friendly Thanksgiving

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Hosting a successful Thanksgiving dinner celebration is a daunting endeavor, and it can be even more stressful when you are trying to do it in an apartment home. In an ideal world, only people with monstrous houses would throw Thanksgiving parties. It would certainly make things easier for the rest of us! But, sometimes the responsibility of executing the perfect Turkey Day extravaganza falls on us apartment dwellers. The key to accomplishing this task is being organized, enthusiastic and realistic about what you’re capable of given the size of your home, kitchen, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher (there’s no shame in using disposable plates and cutlery!) and dining table…or coffee table depending on your set up.

When you’re trying to whip up many different dishes and have them all piping hot and ready for consumption at the exact same time, it’s crucial to keep your recipes simple and your clean up process ongoing. Don’t be afraid to make your party a potluck if you could use a little help with smaller items like dips, cheeses, dried meats, mini quiches, fruit salad, or cranberry sauce. But, if you want to remain in charge of the staples, here's how to host an apartment-friendly Thanksgiving with four recipes that will be sure to wow your friends and family while you maintain your sanity.

Turkey and Stuffing Casserole

Even if you’re a super skilled culinary whiz, cooking a whole turkey to perfection still isn’t easy. It takes patience and a whole lot of TLC, but who’s got time for that when you’re busy making five other items plus cleaning your apartment, entertaining your early arrivals and still trying to enjoy yourself in the process? That’s why we recommend this 2-for-1 turkey and stuffing casserole brought to you by Budget Bytes.

Mashed Red Potatoes

Whether you’re into sweet potatoes, regular potatoes or both, mashed potatoes of at least one variety are a Thanksgiving dinner must. Luckily, mashed potatoes are one of the easiest holiday side dishes you can make. Suzy’s Mashed Red Potatoes recipe only involves five ingredients and two steps! Keep in mind that it could never hurt to add some shredded cheddar cheese, garlic and/or garlic salt to this recipe in order to dress these potatoes up a bit more.

Brussels Sprouts Gratin

Green bean casserole is traditionally one of the most popular, vegetable-based Thanksgiving meal accompaniments, but if you like to think outside the box, why not make brussels sprouts instead? Food Network’s Brussels Sprouts Gratin is an excellent option that doesn’t require many ingredients and takes barely any time at all to prepare!

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

If you want to stick with tradition but have grown tired of the same old pumpkin pie year after year, Oh My God Chocolate Desserts’ OMG Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes are for you! You’ll leave your guests with an irresistibly good taste in their mouths and, whether you want them to or not, they’ll undoubtedly invite themselves back for Thanksgiving dinner again next year! – Lauren Boitano

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