5 Can’t-Miss Fall Cocktails

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In case you missed it, last Wednesday was officially the first day of autumn 2015. That means it’s time to say a final farewell to summer and begin embracing the season of football, apple picking, leaves turning, pumpkins, and increasing coziness. One of the best ways to get into the spirit of fall is by consuming seasonally appropriate beverages and, to really kick it up a notch, adding spirits. Many restaurants and bars around Chicago will soon be featuring fun fall cocktails but, if you’re looking to save a buck or two, why not try making your own festive liquid refreshments in the comfort of your Alta at K Station apartment home? Become your own personal mixologist with these 5 can't-miss fall cocktails.

Caramel Apple Martini

Everyone loves a crisp, sweet and chewy caramel apple, but there are several hazards that accompany the task of consuming one. It’s messy, sticky and gets stuck in your teeth. What better way to avoid all those difficulties than by drinking your caramel apple with vodka instead? Inspired by Charm has the right idea with their caramel apple martini recipe.

Cranberry Margaritas

We generally associate margaritas with summer, guacamole, and beachy Mexican vacations, but you shouldn’t have to wait until next June to feel deserving of all that sweet ‘n salty tequila goodness. Take Gimme Some Oven’s suggestion and stir up a big batch of their cranberry margaritas for your next dinner party!

Cinnamon Toast

Any Cinnamon Toast Crunch lovers out there? If so, we have the perfect easy cocktail for you! All you need is spiced rum, hot apple cider and a little cinnamon sugar for the rim of your mug. Cozy up by a fire and warm yourself up with Delish’s cinnamon toast recipe.

Pumpkin Pie In A Glass

Nothing characterizes autumn desserts better than a trusty, traditional pumpkin pie, but we think it’s time to mix things up a bit. Now, if you’re counting calories, Kitchen Meets Girl’s pumpkin pie in a glass recipe may not be for you, but that’s not to say it isn’t worth splurging on. Skip the pie and drink your creamy pumpkin deliciousness instead! 

Hard Cinder Sangria

Aside from pumpkins, apples tend to be the next most commonly fall-correlated fruit. That’s right. Pumpkins are actually fruit! And, if that doesn’t blow your mind enough, we’re also here to inform you that sangria doesn’t always include wine. Food and Wine’s hard cider sangria recipe skips the wine and moves straight to hard stuff (hard cider, that is). This drink is so fresh, hot and delicious, you might even forget there’s alcohol in it… so be careful, and enjoy! – Lauren Boitano


Photo via Flickr user Shari's Berris.

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